Littoral zone of Brittany
Pictures of some taxa

List of diatoms
found in the littoral zone
along the southern coast of Brittany.



When a taxus displays one or some characters differing from those given in diagnoses, the name is followed by a question mark.

When the generic name of a taxus is followed by “sp.”, this means that I was unable to propose a specific name.


Achnanthes brevipes. Agardh
Achnanthes brevipes var intermedia (Kützing) Cleve
Achnanthes coarctata Brebisson
Achnanthes danica  (Flögel) Grunow

Achnanthes hungarica Grunow
Achnanthes javanica Grunow
Achnanthes longipes Agardh
Achnanthes parvula Kützing
Achnanthes sancti-pauli  (Heiden in Heiden & Kolbe) Kobayasi & Swatari

Actinoptychus senarius (Ehrenberg) Ehrenberg
Actinoptichus splendens Shadbolt) Ralfs ex Pritchard

Actinocyclus normanii
(Gregory) Hustedt  f. subsalsus
Actinocyclus roperi (Brébisson) Grunow in Van Heurck
Actinocycvlus subtilis
(Gregory) Ralfs in Pritchard

Amphora acuta A. Schmidt
Amphora acutiuscula
Kützing  / Halamphora acutiuscula (Kützing) Levkov
Amphora arenaria Donkin
Amphora cingulata Cleve
Amphora (Halamphora) coffeaeformis (Agardh) Kützing
Amphora commutata Grunow
Amphora costata W. Smith / Halamphora costata (W. Smith) Levkov
Amphora crassa Gregory
Amphora fluminensis Grunow
Amphora graeffii Grunow
Amphora holsatica Hustedt
Amphora hyalina  Kützing
Amphora inflexa Brébisson / Climaconeis inflexa (Brébisson ex Kützing) H.L. Smith
Amphora jostesorum Witkowski, Metzeltin & Lange-Bertalot
Amphora laevissima Gregory
Amphora marina W. Smith
Amphora nana Gregory f. parva

Amphora obtusa Gregory
Amphora ostrearia Brébisson

Amphora ocellata Donkin
Amphora ovalis Kützing
Amphora proteus Gregory
Amphora pseudohyalina Simonsen
Amphora securicula Peragallo
Amphora strigosa ? Hustedt
Amphora tenerrima ? Aleem & Hustedt

Amphora turgida Gregory / Halamphora turgida (Gregory) Levkov
Amphora sp. : 3 taxa
Anomoeoneis sphaerophora  (Ehrenberg) Pfitzer
Asteromphalus flabellatus (Brébisson) Gréville
Attheya armata (T. West) Crawford in Crawford et al.
Aulacosira jurgensii (Agardh) Simonsen
Aulacosira italica (Agardh) Simonsen

Auliscus sculptus (W. Smith) Ralfs in Pritchard
Auricula complexa Gregory
Bacillaria paxillifer (O.F. Muller) Hendey var. paxillifer
Bacillaria socialis var. massilensis Grunow
Berkeleya antarctica (Harvey) Grunow in Van Heurck  
Berkeleya hyalina (Round & Brooks) Cox
Biremis ambigua
(Cleve) D.G. Mann
Brachysira serians (Brébisson) Round & D.G. mann

Caloneis aemula (Grunow ex A. Schmidt )Cleve
Caloneis arnphisbaena var. subsalina (Donkin) Cleve
Caloneis crassa
(Gregory) Ross in Hartley
Caloneis bacillum (Grunow) Mereschkowsky
Caloneis excentrica
(Grunow) Boyer
Caloneis liber
var. elongata Grunow
Caloneis liber var. umbilicata Grunow

Caloneis linearis (Grunow) Boyer
Caloneis oregonica (Ehrenberg)  Patrick
Caloneis ventricosa (Ehrenberg) Meister
Caloneis westii (W. Smith) Hendey
Caloneis sp. : 4 taxa

Campylodiscus fastuosus Ehrenberg
Campylodiscus impressus Grunow
Campylodiscus thuretii Brébisson
Campyloneis grevillei (W. Smith) Grunow
Cocconeiopsis kantsinensis (Giffen) Witkowski,Lange-Bertalot & Metzeltin

Cocconeis discrepans A. Schmidt
Cocconeis disculus ? (Schumann) Cleve
Cocconeis fluminensis (Grunow) Peragallo
Cocconeis guttata Hustedt in Aleem & Hustedt
Cocconeis latecostata ? Hustedt
Cocconeis molesta var. crucifera Grunow in Van Heurck
Cocconeis multiperforata De Stefano
Cocconeis ornata Gregory
Cocconeis pelta A. Schmidt
Cocconeis peltoides Hustedt
Cocconeis pinnata Grtegory ex Greville
Cocconeis placentula
Cocconeis placentula var. euglypta (Ehrenberg) Cleve
Cocconeis pseudomarginata
Cocconeis scutellum
Cocconeis scutellum var. parva Grunow
Cocconeis speciosa Gregory
Cocconeis speciosa Gregory var. obliqua
Cocconeis sp. cf. grata A. Schmidt
Cocconeis sp. : 2 taxa
Cocconeis stauroneiformis (W. Smith) Okuno

Coscinidiscus kûtzingii
? (A. Schmidt) Simonsen
Coscinodiscus marginatus
Coscinodiscus radiatus Ehrenberg
Cosmioneis pusilla (W. Smith) D.G. Mann & A.J. Stickle in Round et al.
Craspedostauros amphoroides (Grunow) Cox
Craspedostauros decipiens (Hustedt) Cox
Cyclotella meneghiniana Kützing
Cylindrotheca closterium Reimann & Lewin
Cymatopleura solea (Brebisson) W. Smith
Cymbella aspera
(Ehrenberg) Cleve
Cymbella gracilis ?
(Rabenhorst) Cleve
Cymbella ventricosa Kützing
Dimeregramma minor var nana (Gregory)Van Heurck
Denticula subtilis Grunow

Diploneis aestuarii Hustedt
Diploneis apis
Diploneis bombus Ehrenberg
Diploneis bomboides (A. Schmidt) Cleve
Diploneis caffra ? (Giffen) Witkowski, Lange-Bertalot & Metzeltin
Diploneis crabro
Diploneis didyma (Ehrenberg) Cleve
Diploneis elliptica Kützing
Diploneis eudoxia A. Schmidt
Diploneis fusca (Gregory) Cleve
Diploneis fusca var hyperborea (Grunow) Hustedt
Diploneis incurvata (Gregory) Cleve
Diploneis interrupta (Kützing) Cleve
Diploneis ovalis (Hilse) Cleve  
Diploneis ovalis var. oblongella (Naegeli) Cleve
Diploneis papula (A. Schmidt) Cleve
Diploneis smithii var. pumila (Grunow) Hustedt
Diploneis smithii var. rhombica Mereschkowsky
Diploneis smithii (Brébisson) Cleve
Diploneis stroemi Hustedt
Diploneis suborbicularis (Gregory) Cleve
Diploneis sp.
Diploneis vacillans
(A. Schmidt) Cleve
Donkinia recta (Donkin) Grunow

Eunotia flexuosa
Eunotia lunaris
(Ehrenberg) Grunow
Eunotia pectinalis
(Kützing) Rhabenhorst
Eunotia robusta Ralfs

Entomoneis alata (Ehrenberg) Ehrenberg
Entomoneis costata (Hustedt) Reimer
Entomoneis lata Greville
Entomoneis paludosa (W. Smith) Reimer
Eunotia sp.
Eunotogramma marinum (W. Smith) Peragallo

Fallacia oculiformis (Hustedt) D.G. Mann in Round et al.
Fallacia forcipata (Greville) Stickle & D.G. Mann in Round et al.
Fallacia forcipata var. densestriata A Schmidt
Fallacia inscriptura ? (Hendey)
Witkowski, Lange-Bertalot & Metzeltin
Fallacia pygmaea (Kützing) Stickle & D.G. Mann in Round et al.
Fallacia sp.
Fallacia subforcipata
(Hustedt) D.G. Mann in Round et al.
Fallacia subhamulata (Grunow in V. Heurck) D.G. Mann

Fogedia sp.
Fragilaria brevistrata
Fragilaria intermedia
Fragilaria investiens (W. Smith) Cleve-Euler
ragilaria martyi (Héribaud) Lange-Bertalot
Fragilaria pinnata
Fragilaria pulchella (Ralfs ex Kützing) Lange-Bertalot

Fragilariforma virescens (Ralfs) Williams & Round
Frustulia interposita (Lewis) De Toni
Frustulia vulgaris

Glyphodesmis distans
(Gregory) Grunow in Van Heurck
Gomphonema acuminatum
Gomphonema intricatum
Gomphonemopsis exigua ? (Kützing) Medlin

Grammatophora oceanica (Ehrenberg) Grunow
Grammatophora oceanica var. macilenta A. Smith
Grammatophora serpentina (Ralfs) Ehrenberg
Grammatophora subtilissima Bailey

Gyrosigma acuminatum var. gallica  Grunow
baculum  Herwig & Sterrenburg sp. nov.
Gyrosigrna balticurn (Ehrenberg) Rabenhorst
Gyrosigma diminutum W. Smith
Gyrosigma distortum var. diaphana Cleve
Gyrosigma fasciola (Ehrenberg) Cleve
Gyrosigma fasciola var. arcuata Donkin
Gyrosigma hippocampus W. Smith
Gyrosigma littorale (W. Smith) Griffith & Henfrey
Gyrosigma macrum W. Smith
Gyrosigma scalproides Rabenhorst
Gyrosigma scalprum (Gaillon) Sterrenburg
Gyrosigma sp.
Gyrosigma spencerii
var. exilis Grunow
Gyrosigma sulcatum Grunow

Gyrosigma wansbeckii (Donkin) Cleve

Hantzschia amphioxys (Ehrenberg) Grunow
Hantzschia spectabilis
(Ehrenberg) Hustedt
Hantzschia virgata (Roper) Grunow in Cleve & Möller
Hantzschia vivax (W. Smith) M. Peragallo in Tempere & Peragallo

Haslea crucigera (W. Smith) Simonsen 
Haslea nautica (Cholnoky) Giffen
Haslea ostrearia (Gaillon) Simonsen
Hippodonta lesmonensis (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot & Metzeltin
Hyalodiscus franklini Cleve

Licmophora abbreviata Agardh
Licmophora ehrenbergii (Mereschkowsky) Hustedt
Licmophora dalmatica (Kützing) Grunow
Licmophora lyngbyei
Licmophora profundesepta Mereschkowsky

Lyrella abrupta (Gregory) D.G. Mann in Round et al.
Lyrella atlantica (A. Schmidt) D.G. Mann in Round et al.
Lyrella clavata (Gregory) D.G. Mann in Round et al.
Lyrella crebra  (Hustedt) DG Mann
Lyrella hennedyi (W. Smith) Stickle & D.G. Mann in Round et al.
Lyrella hennedyi var. nebulosa (Gregory) Stickle & D.G. Mann in Round et al.
Lyrella hennedyi var. neopolitana (Cleve) D.G. Mann in Round et al.
Lyrella lyra (Ehrenberg) Karayeva
Lyrella majuscula (Hustedt) Witkowski
Lyrella praetexta (Ehrenberg) D.G. Mann in Round et al.
Lyrella sandriana (Grunow) D.G. Mann in Round et al.
Lyrella spectabilis (Gregory) D.G. Mann in Round et al.

Lyrella venusta var. intermedia (Cleve) D.G. Mann in Round et al.
Mastogloia binotata (Grunow) Cleve
Mastogloia corsicana
Grunow in Cleve & Möller
Mastogloia crucicula (Grunow) Cleve
Mastogloia elliptica Agardh
Mastogloia emarginata
? Hustedt
Mastogloia exigua Lewis
Mastogloia labuensis
var. lanceolata Hustedt
Mastogloia pumila (Grunow) Cleve
Mastogloia rhombica Cleve
Mastogloia robusta Hustedt
Mastogloia similis / paradoxa
? Hustedt
Mastogloia smithii

Melosira moniliformis (Müller) Agardh
Melosira nummuloides (Dillwyn) Agardh
Melosira varians Agardh

Navicula agnita Hustedt
Navicula arenaria var. rostellata Lange-Bertalot

Navicula bipustulata
A. Mann
Navicula bottnica
Grunow in Cleve & Grunow
Navicula cari Ehrenberg
Navicula cincta (Ehrenberg) Kützing
Navicula crucifera Grunow in A. Schmidt
Navicula crucicula
(W. Smith) Donkin
Navicula cryptocephala
Navicula dehissa ? Giffen
Navicula digitoradiata
(Gregory) Ralfs in Pritchard
Navicula diversistriata Hustedt
Navicula fauta Hustedt
Navicula flagellifera ? Hustedt
Navicula flanatica Grunow
Navicula gastrum
? Ehrenberg
Navicula gieskesii ? Cholnoky
Navicula glabriuscula var. ellipsoidalis Proshkina-Lavrenko ?
Navicula gracilis Ehrenberg
Navicula gregaria Donkin
Navicula hungarica Grunow
Navicula imbricata Bock
Navicula kefvingensis (Ehrenberg) Kützing
Navicula longa var. irregularis Hustedt
Navicula mahoodii ? Witkowski & Witon
Navicula microdigitoradiata
Navicula mollis (W. Smith) Cleve
Navicula normaloides ? Cholnoky
Navicula palpebralis
Brebisson ex W. Smith var. palpebralis
Navicula palpebralis var. angulosa (Gregory) Van Heurck
Navicula palpebralis var. minor Grunow
Navicula palpebrulum Cholnoky
Navicula pavillardii
Navicula peregrina (Ehrenberg) Kützing
Navicula peregrinopsis Lange-Bertalot & Witkowski
Navicula phyllepta Kützing
Navicula pseudohalophila Cholnoky
Navicula pupula
Navicula radiosa Kützing
Navicula radiosa var. tenella (de Brebisson) Grunow
Navicula ramosisssima
(Agardh) Cleve
Navicula rhynchocephala var. amphiceros Kützing
Navicula rhynchocephala var. elongata Mayer
Navicula salinarum Grunow
Navicula scabriuscula (Cleve & Grove) Mereschkowsky
Navicula schroeteri Meister
Navicula sieminskiae Lange-Bertalot & Witkowski
Navicula sleviscensis Grunow
Navicula sp. : 14 taxa
Navicula submolesta Hustedt
Navicula trivialis Lange-Bertalot
Navicula vandamii ? Schoeman & Archibald
Navicula viridula var. rostellata Kützing

Nitzschia acuminata (W. Smith) Grunow
Nitzschia acuta
? Hantzsch
Nitzschia angularis W. Smith
Nitzschia angularis var. affinis
Nitzschia apiculata (Gregory) Grunow
Nitzschia aremonica Archibald
Nitzschia behrei
? Hustedt
Nitzschia bilobata
W. Smith
Nitzschia brevissima
Grunow in Van Heurck
Nitzschia capitellata Hustedt in A. Schmidt
Nitzschia clausii ? Hantzsch
Nitzschia commutata Grunow
Nitzschia compressa (Bailey) Boyer var. compressa
Nitzschia constricta (Kützing) Ralfs
Nitzschia dissipatoides Archibald
Nitzschia dubia W. Smith
Nitzschia fasciculata Grunow
Nitzschia gracilis Hantzsch
Nitzschia hantzschiana
Nitzschia hungarica Grunow
Nitzschia hybrida Grunow
Nitzschia incognita Legler & Krasske
Nitzschia insignis
Nitzschia intercedens
Nitzschia lanceolata W. Smith
Nitzschia lanceolata W. Smith var. minima
Nitzschia levidensis (W. Smith) Grunow in Van Heurck
Nitzschia linearis
W. Smith
Nitzschia littoralis
Nitzschia littorea Grunow in Van heurck
Nitzschia longissima var. parva Peragallo
Nitzschia marginulata Grunow in Cleve & Möller
Nitzschia palea (Kützing) W. Smith

Nitzschia palacea Grunow
Nitzschia pellucida
Grunow in Cleve & Grunow
Nitzschia perspicua Cholnoky
Nitzschia recta Hantzsch
Nitzschia reversa W. Smith
Nitzschia romana Grunow
Nitzschia scalaris (Ehrenberg) W. Smith
Nitzschia scalpelliformis (Grunow in Cleve & Möller) Grunow in Cleve & Grunow
Nitzschia sigma (Kützing) W. Smith
Nitzschia sigmoidea (Ehrenberg) W. Smith
Nitzschia sp. cf. praelonga (Cleve) De Toni
Nitzschia spathulata de Brebisson in W. Smith
Nitzschia spathulata var. hyalina Gregory
Nitzschia sp. : 7 taxa
Nitzschia thermaloides Hustedt
Nitzschia tryblionella Hantzsch
Nitzschia tubicola Grunow in Cleve & Grunow
Nitzschia vermicularis (Kützing) Grunow
Nitzschia vitrea var. salinarum Grunow
Nitzschia vitrea var. vitrea Grunow

Odontella obtusa Kützing
Oestrupia ergadensis
(Gregory) Witkowski, Lange-Bertalot & Metzeltin
Opephora mutabilis (Grunow) Sabbe & Vyverman
Opephora pacifica (Grunow) Petit
Paralia sulcata (Ehrenberg) Cleve
Parlibellus berkeleyi
(Kützing) Cox

Parlibellus delognei (Van heurck) Cox
Parlibellus plicatus (Donkin) Cox
Parlibellus sp.
Petrodyction gemma
Petroneis humerosa (Brébisson) Stickle & D.G. Mann in Round et al.
Petroneis marina (Ralfs) D.G. Mann in Round et al.
Pinnuavis elegans (W. Smith) Okuno

Pinnularia acrospheria de Brébisson
Pinnularia biceps
Pinnularia braunii
(Grunow) Cleve
Pinnularia divergens
W. Smith
Pinnularia gibba
Pinnularia mesolepta
(Ehrenberg) W. Smith
Pinnularia nodosa
Pinnularia quadratarea
(A. Schmidt) Cleve
Pinnularia viridis

Placoneis clementis (Grunow) Cox
Plagiotropis elegans Smith
Plagiotropis gibberula Grunow
Plagiotropis lepidoptera (Gregory) Kuntze
Plagiotropie lepidoptera var. minor Cleve
Plagiotropis vitrea

Planothidium campechianum (Hustedt) Witkowski, Lange-Bertalot & Metzeltin
Planothidium delicatulum (Kützing) Round & Buktyarova
Planothidium diplopunctatum (Simonsen)
Witkowski, Lange-Bertalot & Metzeltin
Planothidium heidenii
Witkowski, Lange-Bertalot & Metzeltin
Planothidium lanceolatum (Brébisson ex Kützing) Round & Bukhtiyarova

Pleurosigma angulatum (Quekett) W. Smith
Pleurosigma elongatum W. Smith
Pleurosigma aestuarii (Brebisson ex Kützing) W. Smith
Pleurosigma formosum W. Smith
Pleurosigma longum Cleve
Pleurosigma longum var. inflata Peragallo
Pleurosigma strigosum W. Smith
Pleurosigma salinarum Grunow

Pleurosira laevis (Ehrenberg) Compère
Podosira stelligera (Bailey) Mann
Psammodiscus nitidus (Gregory) Round & Mann
Psammodyction panduriforme var. continua (Grunow) Snoeijs
Pseudogomphonema kamtschaticum (Grunox) Medlin in Medlin & Round
Raphoneis amphiceros
(Ehrenberg) Ehrenberg
Rhabdonema arcuatum
(Agardh) Kützing

Rhabdonema minutum Kützing
Rhoicosphenia marina
(W. Smith) M. Schmidt
Rhopalodia brebissonii
Rhopalodia musculus
(Kützing) O. Müller
Scolioneis tumida (Brebisson ex Kützing) D.G. Mann in Round et al.
Scoliotropis latestriata (Brébisson ex Kützing) Cleve
Sellaphora americana
(Ehrenberg) D.G. Mann
Stauroneis amphioxys
Stauroneis anceps Ehrenberg
Stauroneis gregorii
Stauroneis phenicenteron
f. gracilis (Ehrenberg) Cleve
Stauroneis parvula
Staurophora (Stauroneis) salina (W. Smith) Mereschkowsky
Stauroneis gregorii
Stauroneis smithii
? Grunow

Stauroneis dubitabilis Hustedt
Stauronella indubitabilis Lange-Bertalot & Genkal 
Striatella unipunctata (Lyngbye) Agardh

Surirella angustata Kützing
Surirella armoricana Peragallo
Surirella brightwellii W. Smith
Surirella comis A. Smith
Surirella fastuosa (Ehrenberg) Kützing
Surirella linearis W. Smith
Surirella ovata Kützing
Surirella ovata var. crumena Brébisson
Surirella reniformis
Surirella smithii Ralfs in pritchard
Surirella striatula Turpin
Surirella sp.
Surirella tenera Gregory var. nervosa

Synedra acus Kûtzing
Synedra fasciculata Kützing
Synedra gaillonii (Bory) Ehrenberg
Synedra parasitica var. subconstricta Grunow
Synedra tabulata (Agardh) Kützing
Synedra tabulata var. acuminata Grunow
Synedra ulna (Nitzsch) Ehrenberg

Tabellaria fenestrata
(Lyngbye) Kützing
Tabellaria floculosa
(Roth) Kützing
Thalassionema frauenfeldii
(Grunow) Hallegraeff
Thalassiosira eccentrica (Ehrenberg) Cleve
Thalassiosira punctigera (Castracane) Hasle
Thalassiosira sp.
Toxarium undulatum Bailey
Trachyneis aspera A. Schmidt
Trachyneis aspera
A. Schmidt var. minuta
Trachysphenia australis Petit
Triceraatium antediluvianum
Tryblionella coarctata (Grunow) Mann
Tryblionella navicularis (Brebisson ex Kützing) Ralfs in Pritchard
Tryblionella punctata W. Smith

Vikingea sp.

Undetermined genera : 7 taxa

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