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Maurice LOİR                                                            

Born in 1939,                                                                                                                                                        
1959-1960: radio operator, merchant navy,
1961-1962: radio operator, navy (military service),
1963-1966: Université de Caen, Science degree, MSc thesis,
1967-1999: Biologist (male reproduction) at the Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique,
1979: Thesis, Université de Rennes, Docteur ès Sciences,
1984: Research director,
1999: retirement.

1960: First scuba dives,
1961-1962: sampling of marine benthic diatoms in the sublittoral zone, on the french coast of the Channel,
1974-1997: underwater photography of  marine fauna and flora; Brittany, Irland and Mediterranean coast of France
2000-2004: sampling of marine plankton on the south coast of Brittany,

2004-2011: sampling of marine benthic diatoms by scuba diving on the south coast of Brittany,
2005-2018: sampling of marine benthic diatoms by snorkelling on the coasts of the French Lesser Antilles.
2010-2018: sampling of marine benthic diatoms by snorkelling on the coasts of Corfou, Crete, Dalmatia,
 Greece, Menorca and Sardegna.

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Books and papers

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