Diatoms from the littoral zone


In estuaries, salty swamps and most of the brackish waters generally, the salinity can vary more or less quickly, as a result of the tide, of the pluviometry and of periods of sunshine. The species which live in these waters thus have to support variations of salinity. Some of these euryhaline species are met in sea (¨euryhaline marine species¨); others are present usually in freshwaters (¨euryhaline freshwater species¨); some ones (¨brackish species¨) are considered as limited to waters the salinity of which is situated between 0,5 and 30 %o. In addition, in samples collected in estuaries, stenohaline marine and freshwater diatom species are also found.

Estuaries and brackish waters in Southern brittany

Marine diatoms 1 : genera Achnanthes to Coscinodiscus
Marine diatoms 2 : genera Dimeregramma to Mastogloia
Marine diatoms 3 : genera Navicula to Trachyneis
Marine diatoms 4 : genus Haslea 
Euryhaline marine diatoms 1 : genera Achnanthes to Diploneis
Euryhaline marine diatoms 2 : genera Entomoneis to Nitzschia
 Euryhaline diatoms present in fresh waters
Diatoms present in fresh waters 1: genera Achnanthes to Navicula
Diatoms present in fresh waters 2: genera Nitzschia to Tabellaria

 Saline-marshes of Guérande

Genera Amphora to Navicula

The Seine estuary (brackish waters and freshwater)

 Le Havre Harbour

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