Sublittoral zones of  Crete  Dalmatie Greece Sardinia Menorca
Pictures of some taxa: Crete  Dalmatie  Greece  Sardinia Menorca

Marine Mastogloia Thw. ex Wm. Sm. species 

from Crete, Dalmatie, Greece and Sardinia


When a taxus displays one or some characters differing from those given in diagnoses, the name is followed by a question mark.

When the generic name of a taxus is followed by “sp.”, this means that I was unable to propose a specific name.


Mastogloia acutiuscula Grunow in Cleve
Mastogloia acutiuscula var. elliptica Hustedt
Mastogloia adriatica Voigt
Mastogloia adriatica var linearis Voigt
Mastogloia affinis Cleve
Mastogloia angulata Lewis
Mastogloia angusta Hustedt
Mastogloia apiculata W. Smith
Mastogloia asperula Grunow
Mastogloia asperuloides Hustedt
Mastogloia binotata (Grunow) Cleve
Mastogloia biocellata (Grunow) Novarino & Muftah
Mastogloia braunii Grunow
Mastogloia ciskeiensis Giffen
Mastogloia citrus Cleve
Mastogloia cocconeiformis Grunow
Mastogloia corsicana Grunow
Mastogloia crucicula (Grunow) Cleve
Mastogloia crucicula var. alternans Zanon
Mastogloia cuneata (Meister) Simonsen
Mastogloia decipiens Hustedt
Mastogloia decussata Grunow
Mastogloia delicatissima Hustedt
Mastogloia emarginata Hustedt
Mastogloia erythraea Grunow
Mastogloia exilis Hustedt
Mastogloia fallax Cleve
Mastogloia fimbriata (Brightwell) Cleve
Mastogloia foliolum Brun
Mastogloia gilberti A. Schmidt ?
Mastogloia gracilis Hustedt
Mastogloia graciloides Hustedt
Mastogloia grunowii A Schmidt
Mastogloia horvathiana Grunow
Mastogloia ignorata Hustedt
Mastogloia labuensis var. lanceolata Hustedt
Mastogloia laminaris Grunow in Cleve
Mastogloia lanceolata Thwaites in W. Smith
Mastogloia laterostrata Hustedt
Mastogloia linearis Simonsen
Mastogloia manokwariensis Cholnoky

Mastogloia mediterranea Hustedt
Mastogloia mauritiana Brun
Mastogloia ovalis A. Schmidt
Mastogloia ovata Grunow
Mastogloia ovulum Hustedt
Mastogloia ovum paschale (A. Schmidt) Mann
Mastogloia peragalli Cleve
Mastogloia pisciculus Cleve
Mastogloia pseudolatecostata Yohn & Gibson
Mastogloia pseudoparadoxa Hustedt
Mastogloia punctifera Brun
Mastogloia punctissima (Gréville) Ricard
Mastogloia pusilla Grunow
Mastogloia pusilla var. linearis Östrup
Mastogloia pusilla var. subcapitata Hustedt
Mastogloia regula Hustedt
Mastogloia rhombica Cleve
Mastogloia robusta Hustedt ?
Mastogloia similis Hustedt
Mastogloia smithii (Thwaites) W. Smith ?
Mastogloia splendida (Gregory) Cleve
Mastogloia subaffirmata Hustedt
Mastogloia tenuis Hustedt
Mastogloia undulata Grunow
Mastogloia urveae Witkowski, Lange-Bertalot & Metzeltin
Mastogloia varians Hustedt
Mastogloia vasta Hustedt
Mastogloia sp. cf. adriatica Voigt
Mastogloia sp. cf; borneensis Hustedt in A. Schmidt
Mastogloia sp. cf. citrus Cleve in A. Schmidt
Mastogloia sp. cf. emarginata Hustedt
Mastogloia sp. cf. exilis Hustedt
Mastogloia sp. cf. frickei Hustedt
Mastogloia sp. cf. horvathiana Grunow
Mastogloia sp. cf. laminaris Grunow
Mastogloia sp. cf. lanceolata Thwaites in W. Smith
Mastogloia sp. cf. linearis Simonsen
Mastogloia sp. cf. ovum paschale (A. Schmidt) Mann
Mastogloia sp. cf. rimosa Cleve
Mastogloia sp. 3
Mastogloia sp. 4
Mastogloia sp. 6
Mastogloia sp. 8
Mastogloia sp. 9
Mastogloia sp. 15
Mastogloia sp. 17
Mastogloia sp. A
Mastogloia sp. B
Mastogloia sp. C
Mastogloia sp. D
Mastogloia sp. E
Mastogloia sp. F
Mastogloia sp. G
Mastogloia sp. H
Mastogloia sp. J
Mastogloia sp. K
Mastogloia sp. L
Mastogloia sp. M
Mastogloia sp. N
Mastogloia sp. P
Mastogloia sp. U
Mastogloia sp. V
Mastogloia sp. W (= M. sp. cf. Smithii)
Mastogloia sp. X
Mastogloia sp. Z
111 taxa.
43 taxa were not identified 

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